• 360° clinometer

    Use the clinometer/protractor to measure angles along all edges of your phone. You can set a target angles. Approaching the target angle or major 45°-steps a high-precision scale will [...]

  • Precision Spirit Level

    Approaching either the selected target angle or one of the major 45-degree steps, a high precision scale will be displayed. This enables you to measure precise up to 0.1° [...]

  • Highest Precision

    The 6-point calibration assistant guarantees high precision up 0.1°.Surface level and protractor calibration are completely independent of each other allowing for even higher precision.

  • Surface level

    Our Surface Level feature is both precise and user-friendly. You can easily measure the levelness of any surface with just a few taps on your phone's screen, whether it's [...]

  • Measuring angles

    To use the app as angle finder, make sure your phone is upright. iLevel will automatically transition into the angle finder mode. The picture below shows the main indicators required [...]

  • Measuring differences between angles

    For high precision measurements better than a regular bubble level/spirit level please reference this article. Understanding the reference angle iLevel can easily be used to [...]

  • High precision measurement with bubble level

    When approaching the reference angle (<10°) iLevel will automatically fade in the high precision disc readout, which rotates at 10 times the rate of the normal readout. By this it [...]

  • Measuring tilt of surfaces

    To use the surface level tool, make sure your phone's display faces straight up or down (e.g. when measuring ceilings). iLevel will automatically transition into the surface level mode. The [...]

  • Measuring differences between surface angle

    Understanding the reference angle iLevel can easily be used to measure differences between angles on surfaces. The difference is measured between the current (continuously measured) angle and a stored [...]

  • Storing an angle

    You can store an angle in two ways: (1) By double-tapping onto the screen (2) By tapping at the +-Symbol in the menu bar

  • Intuitive Design

    Our app has an intuitive and sleek design that makes measuring easy. The user-friendly interface and easy-to-access features ensure a seamless measuring experience. The app's design is functional and [...]