To use the surface level tool, make sure your phone’s display faces straight up or down (e.g. when measuring ceilings). iLevel will automatically transition into the surface level mode. The picture below show the main indicators required to measure on surfaces.

  • Marker 1 shows the primary visual indicator of the surfaces tilt.
  • Marker 2 indicates numeric readouts for the angular tilt across the x/y-axes.
  • Marker 3 indicates the devices rotation. When copying tilts from a surface to another this value has to be considered.

Resetting Rotation and Calibrating

The picture below highlights the buttons for resetting the rotation and calibrating the angle measuring.

  • Marker 1 shows the button for resetting the rotation measurement to 0°.
  • Marker 2 shows the button for recalibrating the measurement to 0° on each axis. Be aware that this modifies the central calibration value.